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Overview & Patents

Cleantech extraction technology platform

Extranthis has a special focus to the chemical class of alkaloids, substances of particular importance in medicine because of their interesting physiological properties.

Extranthis has developed a cleantech extraction technology platform extracting actives from biomass in a highly selective way, fully respectful of the environment, particularly economical and using solvents exclusively from abundant and renewable sources.



Extranthis is interested to out-license its technology to pharmaceutical companies wishing to use the developed cleantech process for the extraction in industrial scale production of targeted Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API's), from biomaterial.


Intellectual Property 

As concrete application, the innovation is the object of two patent applications and as follows:

1. Methods for isolating alkaloids from plants (WO2011026637)

2. Method for isolating cytisine from biomaterial (EP2292629)

Galanthamine and cytisine are the core products of our business. Galanthamine is one of the only four FDA-approved drugs against the Alzheimer's condition. Cytisine is actually the subject of intense clinical testing review as drug against smoking and alcohol addiction.